Puerto Vallarta, Mexico: Our Honeymoon


Tonight, i think I will post some photos from my honeymoon. My wife and I decided on Puerto Vallarta after much debate, endless hours scanning trip advisor and asking advise from all of our friends. In the end we settled on Puerto Vallarta and we were not disappointed. Unfortunately, many areas of Mexico have become unsafe since our trip a few years ago. At least they are rumored to be unsafe. We have been to Cancun twice and Puerto Vallarta is by far our favorite destination in Mexico that we have visited. I realize we are only comparing between two locations, but that is all we have been to so far. In the future I would like to go to Cabo San Lucas as well.

Our time in Puerto Vallarta was spent on a variety of planned excursions. Since Puerto Vallarta was our first trip out of the country together, and we were newlyweds we were excited to see and do everything possible while we were in Mexico. We scheduled a catamaran cruise, a donkey ride into the mountains, a zip line tour etc. etc. By the end of the trip I am not sure how much rest a relaxation we got but we had a blast and genuinely loved the people, culture and landscape of Puerto Vallarta.

On future vacations we have scheduled less and less planned outings and have gone with a more “go with the flow” approach. I think personally, we like this approach much better. We have found that when we have excursions preplanned before we arrive we often find we are in the middle of something else (like a swim up bar) and really do not want to leave to go to our planned excursion. We have had a much more enjoyable and relaxing time with no planned events. After all, isn’t part of the point of a vacation to not have to adhere to a timeline or schedule? For most of us we follow a routine schedule every day so that is the last thing we want to do on vacation. More comments and pictures below……….

Hopefully the safety issues within Mexico will begin to subside as it is truly one of our favorite destinations. We have even discussed returning to Puerto Vallarta and staying at the same resort for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Currently we are only on year three so we have a few to go!

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